Windows vs Linux – RAM Comparison

Hey Everyone,

I know i am a Nix fanboy, but I have been managing a team which works 60+% on Wintel and I found how RAM hungry Windows is for real.

So back in days I use to have ubuntu Laptop with 2 GB RAM, and our VPN use to work only on windows. So I ended up using virtualbox on top of Ubuntu. Use to keep 1GM for host OS and give rest to Windows to ensure VM is working properly. Use to use all my application (Video, Music, Youtube etc) on ubuntu and work only on WinXP VM.

Now we shifted to Win 7. Condition with Ubuntu still seems to be same. 1 GB RAM usually work but 1GB RAM for Win7 is low. I had a desktop with AMD FX4000 (Quad Core) with 8GB RAM. I ran Oracle app (FI+HRMS) on it on top of RHEL. Worked great.

Now while my SCCM team tried to setup SCCM LAB, and they are complaining hosts with SSD+16GB RAM. Running 3-4 VM’s on top of Server 2008 R2. Where my desktop, same config system, I run Mint host+Virtual box, and is running (3 work VM of Win 7 + 1 Ubuntu Server + 1 CentOS 7 Server + 1 Oracle Solaris 11.2), and I have no complains.

I am amazed how resource hogging Windows Server and Windows Hyper-v is, and worst of all it’s not even Free. Where my Entire host is free+Update supported+ I can control VM’s with CLI (bandwidth friendly).

Ruchir Gaur
“In Your life, There is no such a thing as you can do it or you can’t, but it’s a matter of ‘doing it or not doing it.’ “

Virtualbox is Awesome

So I’ll start with something I use a lot in personal and professional life.

Oracle – VirtualBox : and all I can say it’s very awesome if you want to use something for free and want to take max out from your machine. I use it on my Linux desktop as GUI, as every-time I go on VPN it’s not very easy to use VNC, so I prefer using putty and CLI for VirtualBox.

Here are some things I use most of times:

1: Remove non running machine
vboxmanage unregister VMNAME –delete

2: Clone a VM
vboxmanage clonevm SNAPSHOT_Name –name NewVMName –register

3: Start NewVM
vboxmanage startvm VMNAME

One more pain is when you have DHCP in your environment and you have assigned Bridge adopter to machine, so this comes very Handy

4: Find IP assigned to machine
VBoxManage guestproperty get VMNAME "/VirtualBox/GuestInfo/Net/0/V4/IP" | awk '{split($0,a," "); print a[2]}'

5: Controlling VM
vboxmanage controlvm VMNAME reset

vboxmanage controlvm VMNAME poweroff

I’ll post my Vitualbox-headless running on Ubuntu server with remotebox for GUI for Virtualbox. It’s probably best 1 host VM solution you can get for free.

Ruchir Gaur
“In Your life, There is no such a thing as you can do it or you can’t, but it’s a matter of ‘doing it or not doing it.’ “