Virtualbox is Awesome

So I’ll start with something I use a lot in personal and professional life.

Oracle – VirtualBox : and all I can say it’s very awesome if you want to use something for free and want to take max out from your machine. I use it on my Linux desktop as GUI, as every-time I go on VPN it’s not very easy to use VNC, so I prefer using putty and CLI for VirtualBox.

Here are some things I use most of times:

1: Remove non running machine
vboxmanage unregister VMNAME –delete

2: Clone a VM
vboxmanage clonevm SNAPSHOT_Name –name NewVMName –register

3: Start NewVM
vboxmanage startvm VMNAME

One more pain is when you have DHCP in your environment and you have assigned Bridge adopter to machine, so this comes very Handy

4: Find IP assigned to machine
VBoxManage guestproperty get VMNAME "/VirtualBox/GuestInfo/Net/0/V4/IP" | awk '{split($0,a," "); print a[2]}'

5: Controlling VM
vboxmanage controlvm VMNAME reset

vboxmanage controlvm VMNAME poweroff

I’ll post my Vitualbox-headless running on Ubuntu server with remotebox for GUI for Virtualbox. It’s probably best 1 host VM solution you can get for free.

Ruchir Gaur
“In Your life, There is no such a thing as you can do it or you can’t, but it’s a matter of ‘doing it or not doing it.’ “