My name is Ruchir Gaur. Currently I work as Project Manager. I love open source world, running and table tennis. So far I has been able to touch these technologies

Linux (RPM Based and Debian Based)

Solaris (9, 10, 11, V Series and T Series)

AIX (5.X, 6.X,7), VMware (4.1, 5)

Oracle ZFS appliances (Clustered and Non Clustered)

EMC SAN (C series).

I may not be master of any of these but certainly know how to tweak them to work best. I still love learning and starting a new phase with blogging.

I am looking forward to work and grow more into Technical Project Management/Solutioning and taking steps towards the goal.

I have played some table tennis, not good or anything. Last I played was in NCTTA:

Table Tennis NCTTA results

Love running. It’s unfortunate that lately I have gone lazy and don’t run anymore. Looking to get some motivation to start back and stop giving self excuses.

That’s a bit about me. Let me know if you have any question. Drop a word at ruchir@ruchir.in

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