Quarantine Dairy – Day 2

Corona-virus has started to hit India. Govt. has started to enforce lock-downs and even started curfew where lock-down wasn’t taken seriously.

We have been in quarantine from 2 days now. I went out today to buy some groceries, it wasn’t busy, but roads looked clean and the way they should look like in normal day without so heavy population.

It was a nice drive, clean environment and I was told so far no issue with supply, so we should be good.

Started a small workout to keep my sanity, else locked with wife and kid is going to be daunting. We did 20 squats, 20 pushups and 20 lunges. Also did a small 3 min meditation session, going to increase these as day passes by.

I’ll keep everyone posted on how my days pass.

Keep Safe, keep at home and let nature heal itself before we go back to destroy it again.

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