Windows 10

What a nightmare, ok so I gave it a Try, Let me give my 2 cent on this. Let’s start with what I liked

  • Interface, no doubt it’s better then Windows 8.1, but I feel it’s not better then Windows 7.
  • Edge Browser
  • Latest and greatest security updates

Now Let’s go with what I didn’t like

  • Edge browser, as my VPN din’t worked with it
  • Updates (Do I need to explain)
  • Terms and Condition
    • Why Microsoft why, how can I agree to sign up where you have control over my software, games and hardware.
    • So if a hardware is not Microsoft recommendation, MSFT have control over disabling them.
    • So does all pirated games and software, Like MSFT have any better.
  • Interface, It’s not revolutionary and doesn’t make it all nice and awesome to use on System, it looks more designed for Portable devices and touch devices, and Frankly I don’t like it for Enterprise or for Work.

For me Windows 10 was a disappointment. It’s becoming quite a trend for MSFT. They need to come up with something better and allow consumers to have power.

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